January 2009 - December 2009
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NETS Research Group
NETS Research Group

The Firescreen project designs and builds a system for categorizing and screening Internet content, based on an extension for the Firefox browser.  The Firescreen extension allows the user to block elements in a web page such as images, videos, iFrames and Flash containing unwanted publicity, adult content and other content he or she does not wish to see.  But more importantly, the purpose of the project is to categorize content by community effort.  The Firescreen extension allows a user to categorize the content he or she blocks (for example "sexual content", "violent content", "unsollicited advertisements", etc); these content categories are stored in a central and public database for use by other Firescreen users. 

The Firescreen project is based on the Categorization Based Content Screening (CBCS) standard of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), which separates the categorization and screening functions, and defines the interfaces between them.  Firescreen is published as open source software in


Johan Zuidweg